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An instance-attached disk resource

type GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDisk {
deviceName: String!
size: Int64!
architecture: GoogleComputeEngineInstanceArchitecture!
autoDelete: Boolean!
boot: Boolean!
interface: GoogleComputeEngineInstanceDiskInterface!
mode: GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDiskMode!
confidentialComputeEnabled: Boolean!


GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDisk.deviceName ● String! non-null scalar

A unique device name of your choice that is reflected into the /dev/disk/by-id/google-* tree of a Linux operating system running within the instance

GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDisk.size ● Int64! non-null scalar

The size of the disk in GB

GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDisk.architecture ● GoogleComputeEngineInstanceArchitecture! non-null enum

The architecture of the attached disk

GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDisk.autoDelete ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Whether the disk will be auto-deleted when the instance is deleted

GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDisk.boot ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Whether the disk is boot disk or not

GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDisk.interface ● GoogleComputeEngineInstanceDiskInterface! non-null enum

The disk interface

GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDisk.mode ● GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDiskMode! non-null enum

The mode in which the disk is attached

GoogleComputeEngineInstanceAttachedDisk.confidentialComputeEnabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Whether the instance should have confidential compute enabled

Member of

GoogleComputeEngineInstance object