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type AWSElasticsearchDomainEndpointOptions {
customEndpoint: String!
customEndpointCertificateArn: String!
customEndpointEnabled: Boolean!
enforceHTTPS: Boolean!
tlsSecurityPolicy: AWSElasticsearchDomainTLSSecurityPolicyType!


AWSElasticsearchDomainEndpointOptions.customEndpoint ● String! non-null scalar

The fully qualified domain for your custom endpoint

AWSElasticsearchDomainEndpointOptions.customEndpointCertificateArn ● String! non-null scalar

The ACM certificate ARN for your custom endpoint

AWSElasticsearchDomainEndpointOptions.customEndpointEnabled ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates if custom endpoint should be enabled for the Elasticsearch domain

AWSElasticsearchDomainEndpointOptions.enforceHTTPS ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Indicates if only HTTPS endpoint should be enabled for the Elasticsearch domain

AWSElasticsearchDomainEndpointOptions.tlsSecurityPolicy ● AWSElasticsearchDomainTLSSecurityPolicyType! non-null enum

The TLS security policy that needs to be applied to the HTTPS endpoint of Elasticsearch domain

Member of

AWSElasticsearchDomain object